Just a Note

I’m just dropping in to mention that while this blog lasted for a little while, it’s become clear that it’s not what I wanted. As such, I don’t anticipate posting to it anymore. Since I want to use the WordPress account for other blogs, I’m no longer listed as Anonymous in some places. So, if you happen across my identity, and you happen to be mentioned in any one of the private posts, please do not get angry. There aren’t many people who fall into that category, but I’m just making this note in advance.

Despite my claim that this blog is not what I wanted, I still think the concept of posting for three months in the future is a good one, so I may resurrect it at some point. However, it likely won’t be for as angsty of reasons as why I started it the first time. Also, you may or may not find out ahead of time to expect a new post in 3 months. I’m sure it will depend on how I’m feeling whenever (if ever) I decide to write that next post.

Until then (if ever), cheers!

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Slight Changes

I’m new to WordPress, so I haven’t really gotten a feel for how the privacy settings work. However, it seems like the way I was doing it before would essentially have kept anyone from seeing any post ever. While this may be a personal journal to dump all my thoughts into, I’m not trying too hard to keep it from people who actually know me. So I did a little reading, and I’ve changed the “hidden” posts from Private to Protected. So if a new post is available, you’ll have to input the password to read it. And so that you have a least a chance of reading something, I’ll give you a hint: the password is my middle name.

The funny thing is, this post will show up before any of the posts that you might actually want to read. In reality, I wrote them before I wrote this post, but you won’t be able to read them until September.

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The purpose of this blog is to act as a journal, of sorts, for me to dump my brain into. The twist is, every post I make will be delayed for three months. So, by the time you read most of the posts here, they are already three months old. Also, given that this is a personal diary not for the consumption of the general public, and I wish to use people’s real names (which has gotten me in trouble in the past), most of the posts will be marked as private. As such, this may be the only post that you see. If that is indeed the case, you will have no way of knowing if it is because: (1) you do not have the proper permissions; (2) the latest post won’t be available for another 3 months; or (3) I have simply stopped making new posts (which is extremely likely to occur, given my blogging history).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will come back in three months to see what’s new.

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